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Unseasonably Warm Weekend

South Florida temperatures continues to be the main weather story as it will be unseasonably warm this weekend. In fact, the forecast is calling forRead More

Nearing Records

High pressure located over the Western Atlantic Ocean will be keeping a steamy breeze out of the Southeast in place. It will also block frontsRead More

February Warmth Continues

In the days ahead look for a gusty early shower and mostly dry conditions throughout the day. This is all thanks to high pressure inRead More

Warmer than normal

The biggest and brightest Supermoon of the year happening today. It is the second of three Supermoon events in the first three months of theRead More

President’s Day Warmth

Temperatures will be running above average through the rest of the week and that is because of high pressure forecast to hold stretching into theRead More

Warm & Humid Weekend

High pressure will keep cold fronts from conquering South Florida. Therefore, look for temperatures and humidity to gradually get warmer over the weekend. Conditions willRead More

Lovely Forecast

High pressure is building into the Southeast United States after a weak cold front moved through Wednesday bringing rounds of heavy rain. Not the caseRead More

Wet Wednesday

The morning was soggy and stormy due to the air being so juiced up ahead of a weak cold front. There will be a briefRead More

Wetter On Wednesday

South Florida the weather is dry for now, but expect conditions to turn wetter on Wednesday. A weak cold front is set to move inRead More

Rain Chances Going Up

South Florida rain chances are gradually going up, so make your to have the rain gear at all times. By Wednesday, weak cold front approachesRead More