What we know about the 20-year-old suspect in the apparent assassination attempt of Donald Trump

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Trump injured but ‘fine’ after attempted assassination at rally, shooter and one attendee are dead

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Scientists, a journalist and even a bakery worker are among those convicted of treason in Russia

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Poland considers shooting down Russian missiles heading to Ukraine

(CNN) — Poland is considering a Ukrainian proposal to intercept Russian rockets that are on course to hit cities in Ukraine or enter Polish territory, Polish Foreign Minister Radosław SikorskiRead More

Ohio mom struck by her own car while trying to save her child from a carjacking, authorities say

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Cape Cod mass stranding of more than 140 dolphins confirmed to be largest in US history

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Thousands evacuated as ‘extremely aggressive’ wildfire burns in eastern Canada

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Eyewitnesses describe scene at Trump rally shooting: ‘It’s pure insanity’

Butler, Pennsylvania (CNN) — Eyewitnesses who spoke to CNN on Saturday described an awful scene following a shooting at former President Donald Trump’s rally in Butler,Read More

North Korea threatens to boost nuke capability in reaction to US-South Korea deterrence guidelines

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Four US presidents were assassinated; others were targeted, as were presidential candidates

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