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1.   High rises may be a safe haven for flooding, but keep in mind the higher the floor, the stronger the winds get.

2.   You may not be able to take your pet to an emergency shelter. So keep a list of pet friendly hotels and make sure their tag is up to date.

3.   Before a storm hits, make sure you drain your pool just a few inches. Never drain it completely or you could experience structural damage.

4.   When a storm approaches, turn your freezer and refrigerator to their coldest settings. If the power goes out, your items will stay fresher much longer.

5.   If you have to keep your boat on a trailer during a storm, strap it down tight, block the wheels, let some air out of the tires and remove any important items.

6.   Part of your hurricane plan should include a basic first-aid kit. Also, make sure all your prescriptions are filled with enough medicine to last 2 weeks.

7.   During storm season, keep your trees trimmed and cut down those coconuts before they become flying projectiles that could hurt someone or damage property.

8.   Two things need to be at the top of everyone’s hurricane list. Ice…and water. Experts recommend about one gallon of water per day, per person.

9.   When a storm approaches, make sure your generator is working properly and buy gas. If you have a grill, purchase enough fuel so you can cook if you lose power.

10. Turn an interior closet or bathroom into a safe room for your family. And store important documents there in a water proof container.



 1.   After a storm has passed, stay away from areas that are flooded or filled with storm debris. They could be hiding downed power lines.

2.   Always operate your generator outside and make sure it’s located away from any open windows. That goes for your neighbor’s windows, too.

3.   Never refuel a generator when it’s hot or while it’s running. It could ignite the fuel, causing an explosion.

4.   If the power’s out and your fridge goes over 40 degrees, it might be best to discard any dairy, meat or eggs. Remember…when in doubt, throw it out.