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Weekend woes?

A high deck of clouds and some haze made for a gloomy end to the work week.   The cloud cover may prove stubborn to breakRead More

Still like summer

We’re technically out of the south Florida Rainy Season, but you wouldn’t know it by recent weather days.  On Thursday afternoon, a series of showersRead More

Seemingly Summer

Summer-like heat is back and rain chances are building again.   It’s like we’re going backward, instead of forward!  Here’s a look along Biscayne Bay (lateRead More

Out of season?

Beautiful weather is back.   We’ve reverted back to drier conditions with an ocean breeze.   Here’s a look at the Miami sky at sunset, Monday evening.Read More

Break in the action

Compared to last week, this one is starting out nice and calm.    Here’s a “serene scene” (downtown Miami) at sunset with a mixed sky.Read More

A bit better

As the weekend begins, we’re seeing some progress.   That includes some drying following Friday’s storms.   Here’s a view of the Miami skyline around 5 pmRead More

From wetter to better

Finally, we’re no longer tapping into moisture out of the tropics.   When the week began, a persistent southwest flow kept the moisture flowing into southRead More

“Switching gears”

You might say our south Florida weather is on the verge of “switching gears”.    Following several days with tropical moisture training into the region,Read More

More soggy times in sight

We’re tapping into deep moisture out of the tropics.   It’s reaching south Florida due to a prolonged southerly air flow (now in place).   Already, Monday,Read More