Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

Weak front on the move

At times, this January, we’ve had strong cold fronts crossing south Florida with chilly air following each front.   This time is different.   Although we (again)Read More

Taste of winter

South Florida is getting a brush with winter weather.   Temperatures have been dropping behind a strong cold front and falling to some of the coldestRead More

Another drop coming

Another strong cold front is on the way.   It won’t trigger much, if any, rain as it arrives Wednesday afternoon while dropping down the FloridaRead More

“Up and down weather”

No doubt, our weather has had a “bounce” to it, lately.   The general pattern has been running the extremes (for south Florida).   On Friday, MiamiRead More

Wetter times

We’re seeing a big plume of moisture stream into south Florida and the Bahamas.   It’s due to a couple disturbances and resulting in rain.   OnRead More

Sudden change

Just days ago, we had extremely dry air in place (courtesy of the cold blast).   That drying trend is now long gone and so isRead More

Frigid, for us

The strongest cold blast in nearly 3 years is arriving.   Early Thursday morning, southeast Florida will be waking up to the rare 40’s.   This isRead More

Rare blustery weather

South Florida remains socked in with clouds and that’s far from the only weather issue.   Recently, winds have been cranking due to a coastal lowRead More

Happy New Year!

On the first day of the year, Miami had a warm high of 80-degrees.   As we go forward, the warmth is going to back downRead More

Dry days ending?

It’s been exceptionally dry this December, so far.   Most places in south Florida have only had 2 days with measurable rain (through December 25).   InRead More