Brent Cameron

Brent Cameron

Weather Team

On the fringe

South Florida is on the fringe of some Saharan Dust although the main batch is going south.   On Wednesday, the division between dust-filled air andRead More

In a heat wave

It’s the hottest time of the year and recent temperatures have reflected that, and more!   You probably noticed it being hotter than normal across southRead More

Summer storms make a return

As expected, we’re seeing the return of slow and robust thunderstorms developing over south Florida.   On Monday, they began popping up around noontime and increasedRead More

Back to… downpours

After a mainly dry weekend (due to Saharan Dust) a more typical and wetter pattern is about to return.   Both Saturday and Sunday featured hazyRead More

Relief at the beach

It’s a fine beach weekend with the weather cooperating as much as you could expect during these summer months.   Fact is, there’s general relief alongRead More

Summer storms

Rounds of storms have been popping up on a daily basis.  It’s a pattern we’re familiar with in south Florida, especially during the peak ofRead More

Looking forward to the fourth?

The holiday week began with rather quiet conditions (compared to what we often see in July).   The pattern is likely to get more active, inRead More

What to watch (this week)

Slightly drier air has been working into Florida from the east.   You may have noticed the associated haze, too.  This will tend to keep showersRead More

The summer sizzle

The sweltering heat and humidity is here (not that we’d expect otherwise this time of year)!   South Florida continues to bake, courtesy of air fromRead More

Bubbling up

A typical summer pattern prevails for all of south Florida.   There’s no shortage of heat and humidity.   Then, occasional thunderstorm activity is driven by seaRead More