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The Heat peaks

To say it was a hot day is an understatement!   In Miami, the afternoon heat soared to 98-degrees which tied the record for the date! Read More

Still Stifling

The heat wave continues across south Florida.  On Sunday, Miami hit a high of 95-degrees and that was hot enough to get into the recordRead More

Hot times are here

We expect high levels of heat in late June, but south Florida temperatures are really sizzling this weekend!   Here’s a look at the official highsRead More

Changes Coming

Florida has been dealing with days of storms firing up.   Wednesday was no different with more activity over northern and central parts of the state. Read More

Storming back

Storms held off for a longer period of time on Tuesday.   During the afternoon, the coverage of downpours first focused over the Everglades and westRead More

Rain still rules

Storms continue to form over much of Florida.   The unsettled weather pattern has persisted for nearly a week.   Here, you can see how clouds coveredRead More

Rainy days

On the heels of a big Sunday soaking, we’ll likely see more rain moving our way on Monday.   Here’s how we were socked-in (Sunday) withRead More

Dodging Downpours

The South Florida Rainy Season began exactly 1-month ago.   At this point, it remains “alive and well” (so much so that we’re currently wetter thanRead More

Slow Storms

Another wet day targeted parts of south Florida.  The stormy times focused on inland areas (almost exclusively) during the middle and late afternoon.   Then, theRead More