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Keeping calm, but for how long?

Quiet weather is holding on.   It’s courtesy of high pressure centered over north Florida (while expanding hundreds of miles out from its core).   The highRead More

Late week changes

Since the New Year’s holiday, south Florida has been getting steady “swings” in weather.   That doesn’t mean conditions have necessarily been active, but temperatures haveRead More

Back to jackets

It’s like “Deja Vu” all over again (to borrow the phrase).   Similar to early and mid December, we’re now getting regular intervals of cold fronts. Read More

Weather variety

We’re sampling some weather changes.  Temperatures are bouncing back (following the most recent cold front, which crossed on Wednesday).  Saturday highs were pleasant with aRead More

Brief breaks

The latest cold wave has ended, peaking Thursday into Friday.   Here’s how we woke up on Friday morning. Even though we started the day withRead More

Chill to end

There’s a good reason why we call them “cold snaps” (they simply don’t last very long)!   The most recent batch of colder air arrived behindRead More

Quick cold spell

Stubborn clouds were persisting Wednesday with another weather change on the way. A strong cold front can be seen on the weather map, stretching acrossRead More

Following fronts

We’re in between cold fronts, and it’s a nice place to be!    By the way, the latest “cold snap” for south Florida was exceptionallyRead More

Catching up with the calendar

Since Christmas, it’s been extra warm across south Florida.  Finally, we’re seeing temperatures fall back to more typical levels for this time of the year! Read More

Changes in sight

At this point, quiet weather controls the region.   It’s because high pressure extends into Florida from the distant Atlantic (east of the Bahamas).   Here’s aRead More