Shireen’s Favorite Things

License to Frill

What: Getting to wear a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted couture gown in a setting that would make even James Bond jealous. The name is Sandoval, Shireen Sandoval.Read More

Summer Romance

What: Falling head over heels for Kendra Scott’s 2018 Summer Collection, because who doesn’t want to wear eye-popping statement jewelry, drenched in vibrant colors, thatRead More

A Day on Espanola Way

 What: Spending the day doing what I do best: shopping, eating, dancing, snoozing and exploring one of Miami Beach’s most iconic streets: Espanola Way. Why:Read More

Spring Fever

What: Discovering & falling in love with Yara Bashoor’s handbags and styling them with looks inspired by Springtime in South Florida. Why: If you’re lookingRead More

Beauty at the Beach

What: Glamming it up on South Beach wearing Lexi Jewelry; a line inspired by nature, femininity and fashion. Why: I have a special place inRead More

Scent of a Man

What: The intoxicating smell of love. Why: The first time I got a good whiff of my boyfriend, James, I knew it was true pheromoneRead More

A Fashionable Change

What: A day at the beach with Solea Cangas and figuring out what I really want Shireen’s Favorite Things to be. Why: You may notRead More

Slay in Herve

Slay in Herve … because it’s the best way to end a fashionable year What: Wrapping up 2017 wearing one of my Favorite Things: HERVERead More