Shireen’s Favorite Things

Scent of a Man

What: The intoxicating smell of love. Why: The first time I got a good whiff of my boyfriend, James, I knew it was true pheromoneRead More

A Fashionable Change

What: A day at the beach with Solea Cangas and figuring out what I really want Shireen’s Favorite Things to be. Why: You may notRead More

Slay in Herve

Slay in Herve … because it’s the best way to end a fashionable year What: Wrapping up 2017 wearing one of my Favorite Things: HERVERead More

Topping It Off for 2018!

What: Making my New Year’s Eve outfit extra-special with some magnificent millinery AND trying to breath new life into my usual “Auld Lang Syne” traditions.Read More

A Christmas Clutch

What: The perfect holiday purse sure to add pizazz to any kind of party outfit and more importantly, you won’t have to sell a kidneyRead More

’Tis the Sequin…

What: Turning up the wattage on my Holiday wardrobe, because a girl can never go wrong wearing sequins from November through December (and some otherRead More

It’s in the JEANS

What: My elusive hunt for the perfect pair of jeans at CAVEAT in Wynwood. Why: I have a fashion confession: I don’t like jeans. InRead More

Natural Woman

What: Exploring the beautiful new apparel and home store OAK, which stands for one-of-a-kind. Why: Airy, soft and welcoming: OAK is the kind of boutiqueRead More

Piece by Piece

What: Building a couture wardrobe the best way a fashionista can: “Piece by Piece” — mixing and matching tops and bottoms by one of theRead More