Playing dress-up at Boheme Boutique’s newest location inside Paradise Plaza in the Miami Design District — bringing beautiful bohemian styles to the heart of the Magic City. ✨

I’ve always considered myself bohemian; an independent woman wandering the world doing things on her own terms, but as I’ve grown older (and happen to be staring a pivotal birthday in the face,) I’ve realized, perhaps, I never fully understood the true nature of the word — until recently. Part of the reason I just assumed I knew what it meant was because of my New Mexico roots: a state filled with artists, actors and free spirited, hippie-dippy-minded people. I thought growing up in that kind of environment gave me an inside track to an unconventional lifestyle and a free pass to express myself without traditional guidelines. And, for the most part, I did.

I spent weekends wandering around Santa Fe in billowy skirts and Birkenstocks, draped in turquoise with fuzzy hair and big dreams. I went to the opera, watched flamenco dancing (Maria Benitez is my favorite,) meandered up Canyon Drive where my mother showcased her oil paintings at Pipe Dreams Gallery and roamed the Georgia O’Keefe Museum so many times, I knew it by heart. Don’t tell my mom, but I climbed the stairs to the Coyote Cafe bar so often, I knew that by heart, too. The adventures of the desert raised me and because of that I thought I was automatically bequeathed the hippie/bohemian badge of honor.

Grounded by the Southwest sunsets and the purity of a small town, I set out on my own life’s journey to find myself, although I was pretty sure I already knew who I was. By the way, I didn’t. Not a clue and that would be the first of many awakenings. Then — I did something that went against everything I was raised to be: I chose a high octane, aggressive, multidisciplinary television career or as I like to say, it chose me. My billowy skirts and Birkenstock’s gave way to suits and heels and my carefree attitude turned into sharp concentration with a steadfast purpose.

When times got tough, I would cry and wonder why I traded being a daughter of the desert for big city dreams and a career that seemed almost unattainable. Still, I pressed on and when things got really bad, I went home to New Mexico to regather my strength and recharge my spirit. Each time, though, I felt a little less bohemian and knew that part of me was changing or at least, merging with something else.

As the years passed, I slowly became the journalist I had always dreamed of, but constantly wondered why I had turned my back on the path of least resistance. Wasn’t being a hippie in my beloved Land of Enchantment the person I was meant to be? For old time’s sake, I’d get out a billowy skirt, my Old Gringo cowboy boots and drape myself in my favorite confetti turquoise necklace my mom gifted me and walk around whatever town I was currently calling home. I convinced myself I was a nomad gypsy, floating around in search of my true destiny. Then…

I moved to Miami and found myself in a place just as special as Santa Fe. The spirituality of the water, the magical surf and sand — it was different than the desert, but its pull was just as intoxicating. For the first time in a long time I felt like I was home, even though technically I was thousands of miles away from it. Is it possible to love two places equally? Time would tell.

Along the way, I met Edit Meurrens. A beautiful woman with a radiant smile and kind spirit. She oozes sophisticated confidence. We worked together four years ago on “A Bohemian Winter,” a blog featuring fashions from her store Boheme Boutique on Key Biscayne. I was attracted to her clothing because they reminded me of home and she did, too. Edit had that hippie vibe without even trying, but it was mixed with city sensibility.

When I heard she was opening another location in the Design District, I was immediately interested and wondered how her boho fashionings would resonate in Miami proper. The new store is gorgeous, snuggled into Paradise Plaza and has the same zen vibe as her flagship on Key Biscayne. The boutique is filled with goodies from Love Shack Fancy, Zimmerman, Spell & The Gypsy Collective, to name a few. Whether you’re shopping for a special occasion, a beach day or vacation, you’ll find the beautifully unique at Boheme Boutique. I’m a sucker for the accessories, too: basket purses, bejeweled clutches, statement jewelry, fabulous hats… the list goes on.

The best part for me? Realizing the store’s “Boho City Chic” personality is the perfect mix of who I’ve actually become. A desert girl-slash-mermaid-slash-big city career woman. There’s no proper emoji for that kind of hybrid. With that being said: age has also made me realize being bohemian isn’t about where you are, geographically speaking, or what you’re wearing, it’s about a sense of freedom on the inside. Independence of thought, kindness in spirit and forgiveness and acceptance of your own humanity. It’s something I’m still working on, but at least now I have two beautiful places (New Mexico & South Florida) to be “Boho City Chic” and that’s why it’s one of my #FavoriteThings. Happy Shopping !

Boheme Boutique
1st level of Paradise Plaza
Miami Design District
151 NE 41st Street
Miami, Florida 33137


Boheme Boutique
650 Crandon Boulevard
Key Biscayne, FL 33149

Monday – Saturday: 11 A.M. – 8 P.M.
Sunday: 12 P.M. – 6 P.M.

Be Social:
IG: @Bohemeboutique
FB: Boheme Boutique @ShopModaBohemeKB

“A free spirit isn’t a rebel. A free spirit is simply free within oneself, radiating their light up and out to breathe the sweet medicine of new rhythms and roads into an often stagnant world.” — Victoria Erickson

James Woodley Photography
all clothing & accessories from Boheme Boutique
styling: Edit Meurrens
Hair & Make-up: Odett Hernandez
Digital Editor: Jessie Neft-Swinger
Editor: Matthew “She Knows The Way To San Jose” Auerbach

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