MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Newly released surveillance video captures the terrifying moment a young professional was shot and killed while walking in a Miami Beach alleyway.

Police are interrogating a subject they believe is involved in the Miami Beach homicide that took place on Jan. 25.

The surveillance video showed 29-year-old Kamil Patel walking with his girlfriend when a white Honda car pulled up, a man got out and then shot at the victim. A witness in the car told 7News that the killer said he felt like he had pressure to relieve, and that was when he got out of the car and started to shoot.

Cameras were still rolling as Patel fell to the ground and his girlfriend hovered over him in the alley as the car sped away.

Two weeks later, Miami Beach Police had suspect Tyrone Jackson in the interrogation room.

Detective: “Could that be you? You are nodding your head. Could that be you?”

Suspect: “I’m nodding my head, ‘No.'”

Jackson could be seen pacing and resting in the interrogation room, but did not admit to killing Patel.

Patel had just moved to South Florida from Texas for a job as a manager at Prada.

Police said he was walking to a bar with his girlfriend when he was randomly shot.

Jackson, however, denied even being in the white Honda that night.

Suspect: “You ain’t [going] to put me in the car.”

Detective: “I’m not going to what?”

Suspect: You ain’t [going] to put me in the car.”

Detective: “Go ahead.”

Suspect: “You’re saying you’re trying to figure out what went wrong that night. I’m not [going to] let you put me in the car.”

Investigators later photographed Jackson and put a swab in his mouth for DNA, but at that point did not have enough evidence to arrest him.

A witness who was in the back seat of the Honda said he saw Jackson get out of the car and shoot Patel.

His mom convinced him to come forward and talk to police.

“That’s messed up,” the witness said. “He killed some random person. Innocent. Walking around, having fun with his girl.”

Detective: “Just to let you know, Tyrone Jackson, you’ll be charged with first-degree murder.”

The mom and son were promised a reward for helping detectives crack the case, but last week they told 7News they were frustrated that they still didn’t have the money.

But on Tuesday, more than two months after the Prada employee was killed, police gave them $15,000 of the reward money.

They were so happy when I got my son to speak up,” said mother of witness. “Cheering. Congratulating each other.”

The accused shooter and the driver of the car were originally charged with first-degree murder, but are currently facing second-degree murder charges.

They both remain behind bars.

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