Something Stinks

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Jerky Treats Recall

WSVN — It's action outraged pet owners have literally been begging for nearly a year. Randy Cohen: "It's insane. I can't believe it. They're stillRead More

Handicap Hoax

WSVN — Right now, more than 15 million (15,378,206) people have a Florida drivers license. Right now, 1.4 million (1,425,612) people in Florida have aRead More

Dry Cleaners

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Bad Check

WSVN — Beatriz and Julio simply enjoy music.Beatriz Arana: "We love entertainment. We love dancing. We have lots of people who follow us."Julio nicknamed Cha,Read More

Debt Relief

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No State Refund

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Patent Problem

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Identify Theft

WSVN — Shamika Freeman is like the majority of South Floridians, doing things the right way.Shamika Freeman: "I have training over three years worth ofRead More


WSVN — If you live in a condo, you want at least two things, Johnny Franco says he has them.John Franco: "I do like it.Read More