MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested three people allegedly involved in a Miami Beach robbery after one person posted about the crime on social media.

In one post on Instagram, a woman could be seen pointing a gun towards a cellphone camera.

“We pieced together everything — surveillance camera, license plate reader technology, the use of social media, Instagram in this case, and it led to this arrest,” Miami Beach Police spokesperson Ernesto Rodriguez said.

Gustavo Arcus, 21, 19-year-old Dillon Benedetti and 16-year-old Aisha del Cane are accused of holding two women at gunpoint and robbing them.

“Then, bragging about it on social media,” Rodriguez said.

Police said the crime happened in the parking lot of South Pointe Park just before midnight on Sunday, when the victims had just walked back to their car.

“There’s no reason for us to believe they knew each other,” Rodriguez said. “It really boils down to being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Detectives said the trio pulled up in a car, and for some reason, del Cane began arguing with one of the victims, getting out of the car and attacking her. That’s when the two men hopped out of the vehicle, as well.

According to the arrest report, “defendant Benedetti was armed with an auto pistol with an extended magazine. As he held the victims at gunpoint, the other defendants took items from them.”

“Took their phone, took their wallet, took their credit cards,” Rodriguez said.

Detectives said one of the alleged armed robbers was caught on surveillance video using the stolen credit card.

The other accused robber hijacked one of the victims’ Instagram accounts. She did not hide her face and took video of them burning the credit cards.

Police later caught up to the trio Thursday night, and they said one of the men had the weapon used in the crime on him.

“Mr. Benedetti was armed with a pistol with an extended magazine,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy S. Glazer said.

Police hope the arrest serves as a warning to the alleged crooks.

“You could only hope that with this arrest can maybe knock some sense into her, to show her that she’s on the wrong path,” Rodriguez said. “Ultimately, she needs to be held accountable, as do the other subjects for their crimes.”

The trio are charged with a felony, and the victims did not want to speak on camera about the armed robbery.

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