SILVER SPRINGS, Fla. (WSVN) — Marion County officials said a woman who stole a deputy’s vehicle led authorities on a high-speed chase, ending in a wrong-way crash that killed her and two other innocent people.

A new body camera video showed the moments Kendra Boone stole a deputy cruiser on Thursday when a Marion County deputy was heard trying to stop the criminal as she jumped into the driver’s seat of his marked SUV.

“Two individuals were killed because of that moron,” said Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods in a media release Friday. “The moment she did that, she was a threat to human life. Threat for just merely getting in that car.”

Woods added that the 33-year-old driver killed a man and woman in their 70s after she swerved into oncoming traffic while fleeing police.

Authorities said the incident started when a deputy responded to a call of a woman who was attempting to steal another person’s keys at a shopping mall in Silver Springs.

The deputy’s body cam video showed a quick glimpse of Boone on the passenger side window after he arrived at the scene. As the deputy exited his SUV and told Boone to go to the back of the vehicle, he made his way to the rear. That’s when he realized Boone was behind the wheel of his vehicle. After attempts to pull her out, she floored it and sped off.

“This, is her criminal history,” said Sheriff Woods as he pulls out a long list of charges against Boone at the media release.

Sheriff Woods said Boone was arrested over 20 times an had conviction for grand theft, car theft and attempted robbery.

Boone led deputies on a high-speed chase for several miles, reaching 100 MPH, while deputies tried to end the chase with stop sticks. Authorities said she eventually lost control of the SUV and crashed head-on into a black pickup truck, killing the two elderly people inside.

“If this person would have been in jail, I would not have two dead innocent people,” stated Sheriff Woods.

According to Marion County officials, Earl Middleton, 73, and a 72-year-old woman were killed in the collision. Russel Middleton, Earl’s brother, was hospitalized after the collision and is now in critical condition.

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