Disgraced doctor who poisoned wife spotted on elder care website

(WSVN) - He killed a patient and poisoned his wife. Now, a disgraced doctor is trying to take care of the elderly. 7’s Brian Entin is back on the doctor’s trail in tonight’s 7Investigates.

Brian Entin to Anthony Haute: “Are you taking care of old people, sir?”

An advertisement on ElderCare.com said Anthony H. is a “trustworthy senior caregiver in South Florida.”

But a New York prosecutor said Anthony Haute is the last person you would want taking care of an elderly loved one.

John Flynn, district attorney in Erie County, NY: “I just hope he doesn’t do anything crazy down in Florida, because believe me, he’s capable of doing it.”

Before legally changing his name in South Florida, Anthony Haute was Dr. Anthony Pignataro in upstate New York.

He went to jail and lost his license in the late ’90s for negligent homicide after a breast augmentation went wrong.

When he got out, he pleaded guilty to poisoning his wife with arsenic.

That sent him to prison for 15 years.

New York District Attorney John Flynn said Haute is dangerous.

John Flynn: “He is notorious up here in Buffalo, and now, unfortunately, he is becoming notorious down in South Florida. The residents of South Florida need to be concerned about this man.”

Haute was first on our radar last May when he started Tony Haute Cosmetique out of an Oakland Park house.

On his website, he called himself a “scientist and physician,” using blood to create customized skin care.

Brian Entin (in footage of a previous confrontation): “I wanted to ask you why you are calling yourself a doctor again.”

After we confronted Haute, the website was taken down.

But months later, we were alerted to an ElderCare.com ad with Haute’s picture.

It said he charges $3,510 a month and has “extensive patient care experience.” That includes “administering medication,” “assessments,” and “respite work.”

John Flynn: “It doesn’t surprise me. This man is diabolical. We have a situation here where you talk about someone not learning his lesson.”

Brian Entin to Anthony Haute: “It doesn’t say anything on your advertisement about your past in New York or losing your medical license or the poisoning of your wife. Anything you want to say?”

Haute wouldn’t answer our questions, but the advertisement was taken down.

Law enforcement in New York said they have notified authorities in South Florida to “monitor him for potential criminal behavior.”

John Flynn: “He did his 15 years, he has served his time and he does have a right to make a living. What he doesn’t have a right to do is lie to the public, which is what he’s doing.”

We reached out to ElderCare.com, but did not get a response. The website says they do not do background checks. Experts recommend always doing a background check before hiring a caregiver for an elderly person.



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