Help Me Howard Follow-Ups

(WSVN) - Generally speaking, Howard and Patrick try to solve viewers’ problems before the segment airs. Sometimes that doesn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean they stop working. Here are some updates in tonight’s Help Me Howard with Patrick Fraser.


Faith has cancer, but Faith Jones also has faith.

Faith Jones: “I’ve already won.”

Patrick Fraser: “Because…?”

Faith Jones: “Because I’m still here. When I went in, I was Stage 4.”

When Faith didn’t have the money for chemo treatments, a group called Open Arms Foundation held a fundraiser to help pay her medical bills.

Faith Jones: “I want to say about $2,000.”

But they never gave the money to Faith or her doctor, so she called us…

Faith Jones: “For me, I would like them to give me something.”

It took months, but I finally got the organization to turn $500 over to Faith’s doctor. Then our story aired, and many of you stepped forward.

One woman who had seen Faith and her two children in our story painted a picture of them.

Many people sent money.

Faith Jones: “$4,500 was what I stopped at.”

Almost as important as the $4,500, Faith got encouragement from many people who have also dealt with cancer.

Faith Jones: “She gave me two books and she told me, she says, ‘No matter what they tell you, you don’t give up. You don’t stop fighting.'”

Faith Jones
Faith Jones

Faith is still battling through chemotherapy, still struggling to making ends meet and still determined to never give up.

Faith Jones: “I love you guys. Thank you!”

Patrick Fraser: “You make me feel good.”


There were no hugs and kisses in the art auction story.

Betty de la Riva: “I feel like I let someone down.”

Betty and Ray agreed to store 128 pieces of art in a warehouse for a woman who wanted to travel the world. Betty thought she was allowed to sell the art for the woman and collect a commission.

Harry Stampler, Stampler Auctions: “There was salable art and there was clearly unsalable art.”

Betty turned 128 pieces over to Stampler Auctions and was not happy with the early sales.

Betty de la Riva: “$3,000 is what a Coccerelle Collings piece sells for, and they sold it for $50.”

Betty then told Harry Stampler she wanted to cancel the auction and the art returned to her. He told her fine, after she paid for his expenses.

Betty de la Riva: “They’re holding it as collateral because we owe him now $2,500 for overhead expenses.”

Then I talked to the woman who owned the art. Julie Brumlik said she didn’t give Betty permission to turn the art over to an auction house and she wanted it back.

Then our story aired. And some good news…

Harry Stampler: “Give us the release so we know we are on good terms with you.”

Harry agreed to return the remaining 100 pieces of art to Julie without getting paid. But no one made a dime, and today no one is happy.

Harry Stampler
Harry Stampler

Harry Stampler: “Bottom line, Julie was unhappy, Betty and Ray were unhappy, and I think Stampler Auctions, as well as the other two parties, we all lost money or value with this deal.”

Julie got her art back.


Luis will never get his nine palm trees back.

Luis Sanchez: “I did a double take, and I realized all of my palm trees were missing, chopped to the bottom.”

A crew sent by FPL cut down six palm trees in the swell and three in his yard. It would cost about $16,000 to replace the 20-year-old trees.

Luis Sanchez: “So I think FPL should respond and pay for the damages.”

FPL blamed their subcontractor and refused to pay. Then our story aired.

Luis Sanchez: “We got $16,000.”

Luis kept fighting to show people they could beat FPL, and he got his money, in part because of a piece of paper.

Luis Sanchez: “We found a document they had signed back in the past promising never to cut trees, especially without my permission. Like they say, that was the smoking gun.”

Luis is now replacing the palms with other plants, and something else grew on him — the realization he has help when he has a problem.

Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez

Luis Sanchez: “Every time I come up with a situation, I always think, ‘Well, maybe I should call Help Me Howard.'”

Give us a call. We will help you as often as you need. Howard and I have been doing this for 16 years. We hope to keep helping you for many more years.

A problem uprooted your life? Ready for someone to paint a brighter picture? Contact us. We don’t have a cure for every problem, but you can bet we will fight for you.

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