Most people want to make their guests feel at home. Our makeover maestro creating a room guests may never want to leave in tonight’s Room for Improvement.

WSVN — Martin Amado: “Hi guys. On today’s Room for Improvement, I’m decorating a guest bedroom. As you can see, my car is busting at the seams with all the accessories including furniture back there,”

Martin Amado: “As you can see, we only have a mattress and a beautiful paint color. But, we need everything else to make it a very serene space that the homeowner wants.”

Martin Amado: “I literally brought the whole store to the house. This is the not so fun part.”

Martin Amado: “First step, let’s dress up these windows. I love the combination of this beautiful gray with the soothing blue because it evokes a very serene space and that’s our goal. So, let’s install.”

Martin Amado: “And there you go. The homeowner had these blinds already, but by adding the window panels it creates a more elegant backdrop for our bed.”

Martin Amado: “Let me share a secret with you. Most homeowners would be concerned with installing a headboard that’s taller than the actual window. So, the solution is to install curtain panels across the entire back. It visually hides the actual size of the window behind it.”

Martin Amado: “You never want to crowd a guest bedroom with unnecessary furniture. So, this console table is perfect. You can put clothes in the drawers, use it as a media base for a small TV or of course, a vanity. It’s a great multi-functional piece.”

Martin Amado: “If you’re looking to add a little bit more of a luxurious touch to your bedroom, add some new decorative pillows on your bed.”

Martin Amado: “And now we tie in all the beautiful colors up here at the foot of the bed with a throw.”

Martin Amado: “Love it. Hooks like these are practical for your guests to hang their towels, their purses, so it’s really convenient and decorative at the same time.”

Martin Amado: “An area rug helps to add another layer of softness in the space especially on top of these cold tiles.”

Martin Amado: “When I decorate a guest bedroom, I like to be adding those touches that remind you of staying at a hotel, which is why a welcome basket like this one with towels and scented soap is a nice detail that I’m sure your guests will appreciate.”

Martin Amado: “And with fresh flowers, the room is now ready to receive guests.”

Martin Amado: “The idea behind creating a guest bedroom is making it a home away from home for your visitors, and with this very neutral color scheme that appeals to both sexes, we accomplished that in one day. I think the challenge is going to be there not ever gonna want to leave right? Until next time, I’m Martin Amado for 7News.”

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