Yōko Matcha mixes a natural alternative to keep you movin’ and shakin’

Most of us know the feeling: You’re exhausted because you didn’t sleep well. Then around midday, you hit a slump. You might think coffee or an energy drink is the only solution. Now, an ice cream spot in Wynwood is mixing things up with a natural alternative to help keep you movin’ and shakin’.

Coffee lovers, meet your matcha.

Yōko Matcha is keeping things cool this summer by setting up shop inside a popular ice cream spot.

Chié Dambara, Yōko Matcha: “Dasher & Crank’s mission is to provide happiness in a cup, and that is the same for us. We want to provide a very nutritious and delicious drink in a cup.”

As you might have guessed from the name, all of the drinks here have matcha in them.

Chié Dambara: “Matcha is a Japanese green tea. The tea leaves are ground into a powder, so when you consume matcha, you’re consuming the entire green tea.”

This kind of green tea has tons of health benefits and gives you a natural energy boost, and because it’s in SoFlo, you already know there’s gonna be a fun take on a Miami staple.

Chié Dambara: “Our most popular drink is the Matcha Con Leche. That is a choice of your milk. We use non-dairy milk, so oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk with matcha.”

You can beat the heat by turning your drink into a float.

Just add a scoop of Dasher & Crank’s matcha ice cream and top it off with some cute mini marshmallows.

Koko Mikawa, customer: “I like to come here a lot because I’m Japanese, and I need matcha, and this is literally the only place in Miami that offers the best matcha.”

Another super refreshing drink is the Limonada, which combines lemonade and green tea to create something new.

Want something with a little more oomph? Get in formation!

Chié Dambara: “When you’re extremely tired and you wanna feel energized, I recommend the Military Matcha. It’s a shot of espresso, a shot of matcha and a choice of your milk.”

These drinks have us green with envy, but this place likes to keeps things colorful.

Their golden latte has milk, turmeric, ginger and coconut sugar.

The pink drink swaps out turmeric for beetroot.

Chié Dambara: “It’s topped with rose petals, so it’s very pretty.”

You can also add matcha to them, which not only creates that cool ombre effect, but also adds a layer of flavor.

Koko Mikawa: “It was very delicious, and he wanted to lick it.”


Yōko Matcha (inside Dasher & Crank)
2211 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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