An elevated dining experience … with an elevated view of Miami. A Japanese restaurant that’s traveled the world has a brand-new home in the 305, and the name of the place would make Megan Thee Stallion blush.

The food at Salvaje is so good, it’s straight-up savage!

Juan Angulo, general manager, Salvaje: “The definition of Salvaje in English is ‘savage,’ the food, the quality. We have a passion for it, and that’s why we call ourselves the savages of Japanese cuisine.”

Salvaje’s first location is in Panama, and now their popularity has spread to Colombia and Spain, and they chose the seventh floor of the Hyde Midtown for their first restaurant in the U.S.

Juan Angulo: “We’re truly blessed to open up, especially in Miami with the sunset just behind us. It’s spectacular.”

Kril Lahrssen, customer: “I really love that it’s on the seventh floor of the Hyde. The sunset was gorgeous, so the views are 10 out of 10.”

But let’s talk about that savagely good menu.

Salvaje’s signature dishes are truffle dumplings and the glazed lamb shank. They’ve also got roll-y good sushi.

Juan Angulo: “One of the dishes that was presented was the spicy salmon, which is made with Ōra King salmon, and then the super dynamite, which is an Alaskan king crab.”

And we should mention, Salvaje is horny, literally. Check out these gold rhino statues!

Juan Angulo: “It just makes the place unique and Instagrammable.”

Their gin-based cocktail, called Wild Heart, comes served in a horn-looking thingamajig.

Juan Angulo: “It’s really unique. It’s very flavorful, and it packs a punch.”

Salvaje has only been in town for a hot minute, but is already winning people over.

Kril Lahrssen, customer: “Oh, my God, it’s been amazing. I came with my family. The decorations are great. The outdoor space is amazing. The food? Oh, my God. The cocktails! Everything, 100% recommended!”


101 NE 34th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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