New arcade brings Virtual Reality Park to North Miami

The characters in the film “Ready Player One” use virtual reality to escape their miserable lives. Now you can do the same at a new arcade in North Miami. The very real Chris Van Vliet is here with the story.

In the gaming world, virtual reality is all the rage, but you don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars on virtual reality equipment.

A new arcade right here in South Florida lets you explore the limits of your imagination.

The new film “Ready Player One” explores the power of virtual reality. But you don’t have to go to the distant future to battle aliens or jump off of Mount Everest in a wingsuit.

You can do it right here — right now.

Virtual Reality Park in North Miami offers over 20 V.R. experiences all under one roof.

Michael Lombrozo, general manager: “You can do kayaking on the ‘X River.’ You also can do flying, skiing, roller coasters.”

The park uses some of the most advanced technology on the market to deliver a 360 degree experience like no other.

Michael Lombrozo: “V.R. is something that was back in the day in the ’80s and ’90s but now it’s coming back. It’s more developed with better graphics.”

You can hit the track in a full-motion racing simulator, ski down a mountain in your shorts, even battle your friends on the moon…

Guest 1: “It’s so cool ’cause it’s a brand new game concept. Instead of using the other D pad, you just look up to move the camera up and down.”

Guest 2: “The graphics, how you move, is super cool. Like, how you aim is realistic.”

The park’s most popular attraction is called “The Arena.” In this game, V.R. goggles are just the beginning.

Michael Lombrozo: “We track your body inside the game. You have trackers on your hands, on your legs. You can actually communicate with each other, and you can see each other inside the game.”

Players navigate a dangerous world of steep ledges … and zombies. Did we mention zombies?

Guest 3: “I literally thought I was gonna fall. I literally jumped knowing I’m on a platform. It’s crazy how real it is.”

Guest 4: “l actually felt like the aliens were gonna attack me. I was running away from them a little. It’s really fun.”

While the characters in “Ready Player One” deal with real-life consequences, Virtual Reality Park is all about escaping reality and having fun.

Michael Lombrozo: “Things that you always wanted to do, you can do it with us.”

The park is open seven days a week. It costs $45 for an hour of play, not including “The Arena.” That costs a little extra because of all the extra equipment they have to put on you.


Virtual Reality Park
14401 NE 19th Ave.
North Miami, FL 33181
(786) 505-8740

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