Miss Hooters International crowns new winner

Hooters serves up meaty wings, cold beer and orange short shorts all over the U.S. Now the Hooters girls are turning up the heat, competing for the title of Miss Hooters International. Our man of the year, Chris Van Vliet, is here with the story.

When it comes to cold beer and hot wings served with a smile, nothing beats Hooters. And now the Hooters girls are trading in their orange shorts for swimwear.

Sable Robbert, Miss Hooters International: “Every year, Hooters hosts an international swimsuit pagent that I was lucky enough to win, representing Fort Laurderdale just last year. So these contests happen all over the country, all over the world. And basically, they’re preliminary pageants to see if you can qualify to end up in Las Vegas to represent South Florida on an international scale.”

The winner of Miss Hooters International gets $30,000 and will serve as the face of the brand.

Sable Robbert: “These girls have been working so hard at the gym, they’ve been avoiding so many chicken wings and curly fries!”

Deco hit up Hooters in Doral for the first of several events across Florida.

Amber, contestant: “Have a good time, enjoy ourselves. It’s fun to be out of the store and experience stuff together.”

Angela, contestant: “As long as you have fun with it and you’re confident and you don’t let people see that you’re nervous, in the long run, when you’re done with it, you’re so excited to do the next one.”

The ladies are judged on poise, beauty and physical fitness — and the competition was fierce!

Sable Robbert: “Lemme hear who’s gonna win the top 10 tonight, y’all!”

The contestants were narrowed down to 10, and then the winner was announced.

Sable Robbert: “Tonight’s winner of the Doral Hooters Swimsuit Contest … it’s Jessica Nunez!”

Jessica Nunez from Pembroke Pines is one step closer to taking the stage in Vegas.

Jessica Nunez, Miss Hooters: “This experience is so unbelievable. I’m really in shock. I didn’t expect this to happen to me at all. I’m so blessed and so grateful.”

And while the ladies are competing for the title, they say it’s all about friends having fun.

Jessica Nunez: “This is all about having a good time, all these girls are great friends. Awesome opportunity to get together and have some fun.”


Miss Hooters International

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