After $755M renovation, Hard Rock Stadium ready for Super Bowl 54

MIAMI GARDENS, FLA. (WSVN) - Super Bowl 54 might be two weeks away, but the site of the highly anticipated game is already all set to rock after having undergone a multimillion-dollar renovation.

Visitors who haven’t been to the Hard Rock Stadium in a while will see some big changes as soon as they enter the gate.

“You think about a city like Miami, as dynamic as it is, a venue like this makes all the difference in the world,” said Sebastian Trujillo, Senior Director of Multicultural Partnerships for the Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Gardens venue comes with a massive $755 million renovation to offer every fan an exciting and upscale experience.

“We want that guest experience to be first in class,” said Trujillo.

Morse said audience members with a golden ticket to The Nine will have the best the stadium has to offer at their disposal. This exclusive area features nine private suites, each with customizable furniture, concierge service and access to a fully stocked buffet.

“You get all the luxury you could ever want, but you also get to be outside in the stadium with the fans, with the team,” said Teddy Morse, the owner of The Nine. “You feel all the energy, the heat, the noise. It’s absolutely the best of both worlds.”

Football fans unable to afford a trip to The Nine may be able to snag a recliner in one of the stadium’s Living Room Boxes. Located right on the 50-yard line, they come with flat-screens and iPads to catch every angle of the action on the field.

A seat in the Living Room boxes comes with access to the 72 Club. With multiple buffets and bar service, guests won’t have to stand in long lines for hot dogs and beer.

“Being involved and having the opportunity to feed Super Bowl fans, I mean, February 2nd, 2020 cannot get here fast enough,” said restaurant vendor Shannon Allen.

Speaking of food, stadium-goers will have plenty of options to choose from no matter where they are seated, including cuisine from some of South Florida’s favorite restaurants, including Benihana.

Guests who want to spice it up Caribbean style may check out Miami’s own Chef Creole.

“You can get a little bit of jambalaya, fresh conch salad, that’s native of the Caribbean,” said a vendor for Chef Creole, “and, of course, who can pass up some good oxtails or rice and red beans and some sweet plantains on the side?”

There’s no need to hurry back to the seat. Guests can also keep their eyes open to enjoy part of Miami’s art scene inside the stadium.

“No matter what seat you’re in, you have access to world-class art,” said Jessica Srebnick with Goldman Global Arts.

From a massive mural on the top level, to football-themed pieces scattered throughout the building, art is everywhere.

“Not just football art, but world-class art.” said Srebnick. “The idea was about turning what was known as a football stadium into a world-class entertainment venue.”

By bringing together art, food and entertainment, fans are sure to have an unforgettable Super Bowl experience, South Florida style.

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