BOCA RATON, FLA. (WSVN) - A Boca Raton homeowner woke up to a scaly surprise in his backyard Monday morning.

Matt Fino was taking his dog, Charlie, out back for a walk when he came across an unfriendly face.

“Every morning I walk out to the halfway point of the pool and put Charlie down here,” said Fino. “He usually goes about to do his business.”

However, this morning was different. Fino says as soon as Charlie went to get a drink of water, he saw a 7 to 8 foot alligator swimming in his pool. “It’s an eye opener,” he said.

Just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, Fino ran inside to wake up his wife.

“I saw the gator, and I couldn’t even,” said Janet Rosa. “I was in total shock.”

Eventually, the cops were called, who then made a call to gator trappers, but not before a few pictures and videos were taken.

“You want to jump on him,” said Fino. “So freaking cool.”

The alligator was safely removed from the home, but the family is still wondering where it came from.

Fino and his wife said it’s safe to say a little caution will be added to their morning routine. “There is absolutely no doubt that every morning when I open that door, I’ll be staring at the pool first.”

“It’s not just the spiders and the frogs. Now, when you go out there with the dogs, it’s the spiders, the frogs and the gators,” said Rosa.

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