Flanigan’s Lawsuit

A popular South Florida restaurant chain is under fire tonight by four women who say they were targets of discrimination and retaliation at work. They’reRead More

Skateboard Sorrow

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Mold Misery

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Sober House Deaths

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$73K Lottery Scam Victim

Most people by now have heard of lottery scams that promise millions but deliver only deception. One South Florida woman admits she was unaware ofRead More

Sober Homes

(WSVN) — It was a weekday morning when we found this woman on the bleachers at a Pompano Beach Park. She wasn’t moving. A ladyRead More

Cop Cams

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Club Cinema Followup

WSVN — Club Cinema released this video of the Broward Sheriff’s Office moving in to shut down a party, Saturday night. The club’s attorney insistsRead More