Miami-Dade County suing to stop owners from using home as wedding venue

(WSVN) - For many couples, it’s the biggest day of their lives. But neighbors living next to one wedding venue are in no mood to celebrate, and now a South Florida county is suing to stop the parties. The nightteam’s Brian Entin investigates.

It is a beautiful Southwest Miami-Dade estate called the Miller Plantation.

Lush gardens and a colonial-style mansion.

A great place for a wedding — unless you’re the neighbors.

Kristen Ordonez, neighbor: “You can hear it at night. You can almost sometimes feel the windows vibrating from the sound of the music.”

One neighbor took this video from his backyard.

Wedding announcer (in video): “If you think the bride looks so beautiful this evening, make some noise!”

Rodolfo Remigio, neighbor: “And it’s not only that it’s loud, it’s that you know it’s going to happen every week.”

Neighbors said there is also traffic because of the weddings, and guests get lost in the neighborhood.

Rodolfo Remigio (in video): “Hey, how are you?”

Wedding guest (in video): “Good. I’m looking for the Miller Estate.”

Rodolfo Remigio (in video): “Yeah, it’s right there.”

Brad Estrada, neighbor: “There’s been situations where we’re in the house, and we’re in the back of the house, and maybe you don’t hear the doorbell ring. People have tried to open the door to come in the house, or somebody will open the door, and they are walking in with presents, and there’s no wedding going on here.”

There are countless pictures of the weddings on social media.

You can see guests mingling during cocktail hour, tables set up for dinner, an area for the ceremony and even a parking lot.

Neighbors have complained to Miami-Dade County.

Marc Suarez, neighbor (at Miami-Dade County commission meeting): “It’s been going on for over a year. Every Saturday, Sunday, sometimes Fridays, there is a 100 to 130-person wedding.”

Now, Miami-Dade County is suing to stop the weddings, claiming the owners are “engaging in the unauthorized use of a property within a residential district.”

The county said the property “has been repeatedly used as an event venue” despite a written warning, multiple citations and a cease and desist letter.

Brad Estrada: “It’s to the point where you can’t really enjoy being outside, where you’re just kind of confined to your home  and just try to turn the TV up as loud as you can to drown out the outside noise.”

The neighbors said the weddings happen every weekend, so 7News decided to come out on a Saturday evening and check it out for ourselves.

7News watched as car after car arrived.

The gate was open, so 7News drove inside.

7News saw the parking lot, the caterers, bartenders setting up and floral arrangements.

Brian Entin: “Are the owners here?”

Worker: “No entiendo.

The worker walked away and later handed me a cellphone.

Brian Entin: “Yeah, I can come to the front. Will you meet me at the front?”

The man on the phone said he would talk to us if we met him by the front gate.

Brian Entin: “I’m Brian Entin. I’m from Channel 7. Is there a wedding happening here?”

Manager: “Yes.”

Brian Entin: “The county has said no more weddings.”

Manager: “You can’t film.”

As 7News was leaving, Ubers were pulling up, and the party was starting.

Wedding announcer (in cellphone video): “Ladies and gentleman, make some noise!”

Later that night, a neighbor sent 7News a video from his backyard.

Marc Suarez: “It’s our quality of life, our property value, our day-to-day.”

The county told 7News the property owners have already paid more than $4,000 in fines.

Neighbors are hoping a judge will stop the parties once and for all.


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