(WSVN) - A group of South Florida women say the same man is harassing them with repeated, unwanted and vulgar messages. Many have filed police reports, others have gone to court, and now some are speaking out, saying enough is enough. 7’s Brian Entin has our special report “Stalked and Scared.”

For these women, their nightmares all started the same way.

Their ordeals are so terrifying, they don’t want to show their faces.

Woman 1: “I was approached via Facebook. He sent me a friend request.”

Woman 3: “I immediately inquired, ‘Who is this? I don’t know you,’ in a polite way.”

Woman 4: “So then he said, ‘Hey, it’s Luis from Fort Lauderdale,’ and he sent even a picture.”

His name is Luis German Reyes Cornejo, but the 37-year-old goes by Luis Reyes.

The women say he found them on social media, and his messages started out friendly until they didn’t respond or dismissed him.

Woman 3: “You stand up or you question him. That’s all it takes. It’s very fast.”

The women said the harassment started with nasty insults and didn’t stop.

Woman 4: “It was a lot of stuff like, ‘Oh, you dumb c***. You don’t want to go out with me? You filthy slut.'”

Woman 3: “‘Rude woman. C***. You f****** whore slut.'”

Woman 2: “‘Rude woman. You said you would call. Rude woman. You said you would call. I know where you live now, and I know where you work.'”

We discovered more than a dozen police reports filed by South Florida women afraid of Luis Reyes.

They told officers that Reyes would send “obscene text messages.”

He even sent one woman pictures of her mother.

One report says he sent “unwanted explicit pictures of his penis all through the day” and “began calling her from different numbers.”

7News also obtained voicemails Hollywood Police say Reyes left for an ex-girlfriend.

Voicemail: “You f****** piece of s***. That’s what you are, a mother f***** piece of s***. Recording everything. Saving everything. You think that’s going to f****** save you from anything? Nobody is going to touch me, ever! You hear?”

In May 2018, police arrested Reyes and charged him with stalking his ex-girlfriend, but she later wanted the charge dropped, so the case was dismissed despite the graphic voicemails.

Voicemail: “You should f****** die. You should be f****** repenting. If you have any shred of faith to God, start praying to God, to Jesus Christ, and ask for f****** forgiveness to him, not to me. But you are an evil piece of s***, woman. A coward that doesn’t face me, that runs like a f****** little p**** to the court to f****** report me.”

Reyes was cleared on the stalking, but just days later, he had another run-in with the law.

Police officer body camera: “Where are you coming from tonight, sir?”

Luis Reyes: “I was visiting my girlfriend.”

In June 2018, Reyes was picked up by Fort Lauderdale Police for drunk driving.

He’s on probation, so we showed up to his last address, but he no longer lived there.

7News reached Reyes on the phone, but he didn’t want to talk.

Woman 4: “This guy has issues, and I think he gets some kind of kick out of it to scare people.”

There are more than a dozen police reports about Luis Reyes, plus women from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County have tried to get restraining orders against him, but no criminal stalking charges have stuck.”

David Weinstein, former prosecutor: “The more times they get away with it, the more times they see that there’s no repercussions for what they’ve done. It empowers them.”

David Weinstein is a former federal prosecutor.

He suspects because the police reports are from different cities and counties, no agency has looked at the bigger picture.

David Weinstein: “One or two? I wouldn’t be as concerned that it was unusual, but eight alone in one county seems to me that somebody should have been trying to connect these dots a little bit earlier on.”

The women who say they’ve been harassed are now connecting the dots themselves.

They even started a support group with dozens of members.

Brian Entin: “Do you think he’ll ever stop?”

Woman 2: “I don’t think so. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so at all. I think it’s just embedded in his brain. I don’t think he’ll stop.”

Brave women hoping to get the word out to others.


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