One of the best parts about going to places like Subway or Chipotle is being able to point out exactly what you want in your food, which is cool if you’re craving a sandwich or Mexican food.

If you want something more exotic, we’ve got a new spot that’s putting a cool twist on Asian dishes.

Have a sip! Or take a bite!

There’s a new Vietnamese spot in Pembroke Pines and Nine Five Pho wants you to enjoy their food — your way!

Danny Le, have it your way: “Nine Five Pho is a fully customizable pho restaurant and we’re the only one here down south that does that so far.”

Think of it as a build your own experience because the restaurant is designed for you to go up to the counter, pick out every ingredient you want in your dish and watch it be made right in front of you.

“Currently, we have five entrées and each entrée is fully customizable, from the protein to the vegetables, to the broth.”

Craving spring rolls with pork and shrimp? Not a problem!

The same goes for the vermicelli noodle bowls and the bánh mì sandwiches.

Danny Le: “Whatever you want, we can make it happen. We have endless combinations.”

All these are great options, but the restaurant’s signature dish is the pho. After all — it’s in their name.

“Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup. For our pho broth, we have three broths. It’s chicken, beef and vegetable broth.”

The first step is getting those noodles nice and hot.

Next, pick out your meat and veggies.

And it wouldn’t be a soup without tons of yummy broth…

Lisa Nguyen, pho of happiness: “The meat was so tender. It was really tender, I love it so much. The broth was amazing, it was piping hot. The noodles, so soft. Everything: amazing!”

In addition to the food, Nine Five Pho also has a boba tea shop inside called Boba and Chill so you have something super refreshing to wash down all that warm soup.

Lisa Nguyen: “I would totally recommend this place and would totally come back again and again.”


Nine Five Pho
14928 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

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