Samantha Sosa is a Miami-born and raised journalist with roots in Ecuador. She pursued her education at the University of Florida, where she honed her skills and passion for reporting and also studied international relations.

Samantha’s career took her to various places in Florida over the years, including Fort Myers and Orlando, where she used her bilingual abilities to connect with diverse audiences. Throughout her professional journey, she demonstrated versatility by covering significant events and high-profile stories.

Her experience in reporting extended to the front lines of natural disasters such as hurricanes Irma and Ian, where Samantha provided crucial updates and information to communities in need. She also found herself immersed in the aftermath of impactful events, including federal court cases following the January 6th riots and the fallout following the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting.

Samantha’s work in journalism was recognized when she was awarded an Emmy for her coverage following the Black Lives Matter movement. Her passion for politics further fueled her commitment to delivering unbiased news to the public.

While Samantha thrives both in the field and behind the anchor desk, she finds great fulfillment in mentoring young female journalists from diverse backgrounds. She aims to inspire and empower the next generation of storytellers.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Samantha enjoys visiting the beach, skiing, and practicing Pilates. She loves her little orange cat named Obi-wan, who was rescued from a sewer in Orlando.

Samantha Sosa’s journey in journalism has come full circle, as she’s now reporting in her hometown. She hopes her unwavering dedication, and genuine care for the communities she serves shines through her reporting.

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