Communists, observers report violations in Russian election

MOSCOW (AP) — The head of Russia’s Communist Party, the country’s second-largest political party, is alleging widespread violations in the election for a new nationalRead More

French minister decries ‘duplicity’ in U.S. submarine deal

PARIS (AP) — France’s foreign minister on Saturday denounced what he called the “duplicity, disdain and lies” surrounding the sudden rupture of France’s lucrative contractRead More

In edgy Washington, police outnumber Jan. 6 protesters

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a city still on edge after the Jan. 6 insurrection, law enforcement bore down in large numbers on the Capitol onRead More

Police say they’re ready for rally supporting Jan. 6 rioters

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fence around the Capitol is back up. The District of Columbia’s police department is at the ready. The U.S. Capitol Police have requestedRead More

Top doctors say not so fast to Biden’s boosters-for-all plan

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just one month ago, President Joe Biden and his health advisers announced big plans to soon deliver a booster shot of the coronavirusRead More

Organizer of Saturday rally looks to rewrite Jan. 6 history

WASHINGTON (AP) — The architect of a Washington protest planned for Saturday that aims to rewrite history about the violent January assault on the U.S. Capitol isRead More

Protest for jailed Capitol rioters: Police ready this time

WASHINGTON (AP) — Burned before, Capitol Police say they are taking no chances as they prepare for a Saturday rally at the U.S. Capitol inRead More

Biden announces global goal to reduce planet-warming methane emissions

    (CNN) — President Joe Biden announced the United States and European Union have launched a global pledge to reduce emissions of methane — a potentRead More

Florida woman pleads guilty to threatening to kill Vice President Harris

(CNN) — A Miami nurse has pleaded guilty for threatening to kill Vice President Kamala Harris, the Justice Department announced. Niviane Petit Phelps, 39, pleaded guilty onRead More

California Gov. Newsom crushes Republican-led recall effort

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Despite warnings the race would be close, California Gov. Gavin Newsom decisively defeated efforts to kick him out of office, aRead More