Texting while driving could become a primary offense in Florida

(WSVN) - Law enforcement officials in Florida could soon pull you over for scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Florida is one of only five states where texting and driving isn’t a primary offense, and many Florida lawmakers want this to change.

According to FOX13, state legislators have recently filed new bills that would give law enforcement officials the power to pull drivers over for texting or using smartphone apps while driving.

For the past three years, it has been against the law for drivers to text or use their phones while driving. The problem is, this law is only a secondary offense, so police officers can’t pull you over for sending a Snapchat to your friend.

Now, if these new bills pass, police will be able to pull you over immediately if you’re caught scrolling through Facebook.

House bills 47 and 69 would also double fines in school zones and make texting while driving a primary offense for drivers under the age of 18.

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