MIAMI (WSVN) - The trial of a Mexican telenovela actor accused of a deadly act of road rage got underway with state witness testimony.

Mexican actor Pablo Lyle’s manslaughter trial began in a Miami courtroom with opening statements, Friday.

“This defendant decided to not let the victim in this case, Juan Hernandez, walk away,” said prosecutor Shawn Abuhoff.

“This has been called a case of road rage, and indeed it is a case of road rage, but not road rage by Pablo Lyle,” said Bruce Lehr, Lyle’s defense attorney.

Lyle is accused of punching and killing 63-year-old Juan Ricardo Hernandez during a road rage confrontation back in March 2019.

The jury will decide whether Lyle committed a crime when he punched Hernandez, which ultimately killed him.

Lyle’s attorney claimed it was self-defense.

“Mr. Hernandez followed the car, got behind, got out of his car, and was banging on that window, scaring the adults and the three kids,” Lehr said.

On Friday, the state brought in their first witnesses, including responding officers and Jessica Rocha who said she spotted Lyle from her car right before the incident unfolded.

“As I saw him past my window, the defendant, I saw that he started clenching his fists as he was passing my window, and then he immediately punched [Hernandez],” she said.

Surveillance video from the day showed Lyle delivering the fatal punch to Hernandez.

Rocha, whose vehicle is seen feet away from the two men, said she heard Hernandez pleading for his life.

“I heard the victim say, ‘No, no, please don’t hurt me,'” she said.

But during cross-examination, Lehr claimed inconsistencies with Rocha’s statement and confronted her as to whether she actually saw Lyle punch Hernandez.

“All of these things I keep asking you about, and I say, ‘Are you really sure of it, as sure as you heard Mr. Hernandez say, ‘Please don’t hit me?’ Right?” said Lehr.

“Correct,” said Rocha.

Lehr then pointed out prior details Rocha provided that turned out to be inaccurate.

“Now, you were sure of those three things, and so far, those three things have all been wrong, haven’t they?” he said.

“Correct,” said Rocha.

According to police, Hernandez confronted Lyle and his brother-in-law, Lucas Delfino, after they cut off Hernandez in traffic while they were on their way to the airport.

As Hernandez fell to the ground, Lyle’s family took off to the airport, where Lyle was arrested.

Hernandez would die four days later from that punch.

“As a result of him knocking out Mr. Hernandez, Mr. Hernandez falls back and smacks his head on the concrete. He never wakes up,” Abuhoff said.

If convicted, Lyle faces up to 15 years in prison.

Court has adjourned for the day. Officials said they will provide an update on Monday as to whether the trial will continue as scheduled on Tuesday or whether it will be postponed due to the trajectory of Tropical Depression 9.

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