MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Newly released video captured the immediate aftermath of a shooting that claimed the life of a young father who was visiting South Beach, as well as police detectives’ interrogation of the suspect.

Body camera video showed the harrowing moments after, police said, 21-year-old Dustin Wakefield was shot and killed while eating with his family at an Ocean Drive restaurant, Aug. 24.

“We don’t even live here! We were just on vacation,” the victim’s wife told first responders.

Meanwhile, an officer provided a description of the suspect, later identified as 22-year-old Tamarius Davis.

“Short afro, wearing a multi-color jersey type shirt,” he said.

According to Miami Beach Police, the young father was visiting from Colorado with his wife Odalys and baby boy when he was randomly shot near Ocean Drive and 14th Street.

The partially redacted bodycam video captured Odalys’ screams moments after the shooting.

Investigators also released surveillance video of the police interrogation of Davis following his capture hours after the shooting.

“Earlier today, there was an incident involving you, and we wanted to sit down and talk to you about what happened,” said a detective in the video.

“I heard you were from Georgia. Is that correct?” the detective later asked the suspect.

“Yes, sir,” replied Davis.

Davis, 22, who was visiting from the Atlanta area at the time, was captured on cellphone video holding a gun seconds after the shooting.

He was taken down in an alley by responding officers and taken back to police headquarters.

“I did it! I did it! I did it!” Davis is heard saying in the cellphone video.

When Davis appeared in court on Aug. 25, a state prosecutor said the suspect was “high and mushrooms, and he just started shooting.”

The bodycam video showed first responders as they took Wakefield one block north to Ocean Drive and 15th Street.

One officer is heard asking pedestrians to make way for them.

“Guys, can you get out of the street, please? Thank you. Just because of traffic. Appreciate it,” said the officer.

Coincidentally, a 7News crew was present that day working on another story.

Davis is currently awaiting trial.

During the interrogation, the suspect’s mic captured something he appeared to say to himself before he was interviewed by detectives.

“I had a good life, man, and I just [expletive] it up,” he said.

In addition to being charged with second-degree murder, Davis also faces an attempted murder charge because, police said, he fired randomly at another man on Ocean Drive, narrowly missing him.

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