MIAMI (WSVN) - Two people are now in custody after a Miami-Dade Police Department narcotics officer, investigators said, was ambushed in a Miami neighborhood and grazed in the head while trying to make an arrest. MDPD Director Alfredo Ramirez III confirmed the arrest in a tweet thanking the departments for their tireless efforts in finding the suspects.

The City of Miami Police officers and Fire Rescue units were still at the scene of the incident in the area of Northwest Sixth Avenue and 43rd Street after authorities arrested a man from inside the home, Thursday morning. Although police have taken one other person into custody, it is still unknown if he is connected to the shooting.

According to 7News sources, one of the suspects is Steve Gallon IV, the son of school board member Dr. Steve Gallon III.

Officers said they took the first person into custody on Wednesday afternoon and after night fell, officers were seen using laser sights and other police equipment to search for the subject.

Investigators said the victim was working a detail and was taking a subject into custody when they were ambushed from behind and shot. They were taken by another officer to Ryder Trauma Center.

Several MDPD and Miami Police officers standing outside the hospital as they waited for news about the officer’s condition.

7News has learned that the marked MDPD cruiser parked in front of the entrance, seen cordoned off by crime scene tape, is the one that transported the wounded officer.

Speaking with reporters late Wednesday afternoon, MDPD Director Alfredo Ramirez III said the officer was grazed in the back of the head and is expected to recover.

“Thank goodness he’s in good condition. We’re all very blessed that he’s OK. It’s a graze wound; this could have been totally different,” he said.

Ramirez described the subjects’ actions as cowardly and urged area residents to do the right thing.

“I’m asking the community, anyone who has any information, please provide that, and if you are harboring him, if you are aiding him, you will be held to account as well,” he said.

Back at the scene of the shooting, cameras captured several unmarked police vehicles with their lights on driving through the intersection of Northwest Sixth Avenue and 46th Street, as a police chopper flew above the perimeter. MDPD armored trucks were seen heading south on Sixth Avenue shortly after.

Officers from Miami-Dade Police and Coral Gables Police were also seen, some dressed in tactical gear. 7SkyForce showed one officer running down the street while holding a long rifle.

Sometime later, MDPD and Hialeah Police officers in tactical gear and holding long guns were seen hanging on the outside of marked SUVs as they headed down a street.

A half-dozen MDPD officers holding long guns were seen going from house to house and pointing their weapons into parked cars. They told residents to remain inside their homes.

“I will use every resource of the Miami-Dade Police Department to get you,” said Ramirez. “You attack my officer, you shot my officer, you will be held to account. I’m tired of being in the hospital four times already for injured officers being shot and attacked, and this has to stop,” he said, “and if this continues, we will respond, because if you attack an officer, you’re attacking the community, you’re attacking children.”

Police said the injured officer is an 18-year veteran of MDPD. He has since been discharged from the hospital and continues to recover at home.

“What it shows to the community is the risks that our men and women put themselves in each and every day to keep our community safe,” said Ramirez.

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