Annette Anderson/TJ Walker

Annette Anderson was a 69-year-old minister. TJ Walker was her 20-year-old grandson who had come to live with her while he went to school. And then, evil came through their door. As Patrick Fraser tells us on tonight’s Out for Justice, one arrest has been made, and with your help, there could be more to come.

WSVN — A murder is stunning, but this one even shocked detectives.

Miami Gardens Police Detective Joseph Zellner: “Truly a horrific case. It just gave me goose bumps thinking about it.”

Sixty-nine-year-old Annette Anderson was a minister and a grandmother, excited because her 20-year-old grandson Tyrone had moved from Jacksonville to live with her while he went to tech school.

Carolyn Walker: “He was loving it, and you know, he was making new friends.”

Carolyn grew up in this house, and then her son Tyrone, nicknamed TJ, was born in this house.

Carolyn Walker: “If it was on the phone or if it was in person, every single day I got an ‘I love you, Mama.’ Just a good boy.”

And then one day, he didn’t call his mother to tell her he loved her. Miami Gardens detectives soon discovered why.

Joseph Zellner: “Makes me recall back to that day, me walking into the crime scene for the first time and seeing what I saw inside the residence. It was just unbelievable.”

Annette, the elderly minister, and TJ, her grandson, both tied up and both shot, execution style.

Joseph Zellner: “You’re talking, a grandmother. Why do you need to do that to somebody?”

Who did it? Detective Zellner says he can name one person.

Joseph Zellner: “I made an arrest back July 31st. I arrested an individual by the name of Reginald Jackson. He’s still being housed with no bond and awaiting trial.”

The motive: robbery. A large screen TV was among the items taken, but why target Annette Anderson? Well, Annette Anderson owned a house across the street that she rented to a single mother. When she caught Jackson, a man with a long criminal record, staying there, she threw him out. Apparently, that bothered him.

Carolyn Walker: “He had actually told my cousin that he was going to get this old bitch out of his business.”

Jackson is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, but Zellner says he did not act alone.

Joseph Zellner: “At least one or maybe two, definitely the individual who used the ATM. We have video footage of that.”

After Annette was murdered, police say this person tried to use her ATM card at several places. Look at this surveillance video from Downtown Miami.

Joseph Zellner: “I’m looking at a light-skinned individual, possibly a Hispanic male. He’s wearing a heavy coat. This is July. A very unusual face; you’re going to recognize him instantly.”

An unusual face and a horrible crime. One accused killer in jail and another suspect on the loose, and sadly, two wonderful people, a grandson and his grandmother, dead.

Joseph Zellner “It hit home with me, actually, cause I was raised by my great-grandmother, so it was an extremely difficult case, not only as just a detective, but as a human being.”

Difficult for a detective, devastating for the family left behind.

Carolyn Walker: “It’s the good people against the bad people, and us good people, I’m appealing to those good people.”

The people who would tie up an elderly minister and her grandson, then coldly shoot them execution style, will do it again. If you can identify this man, if you know anything about the murders, give Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers a call at 305-471-TIPS.

And if you have lost a loved one and are still out for justice, give us a call. With this Out for Justice, I’m Patrick Fraser, 7News.


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