Cinderella is a sweet story, but the approval of one man is not all there is in life, am I right, ladies? In a new Amazon Prime musical, Camila Cabello is stepping into the glass slippers for a 2021 take on the classic fairy tale. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who will take the prince if Camila doesn’t want him, has the story.

We’re so proud of Camila, who moved to Miami when she was 6 years old, so we’re friends, right Now, after topping the charts, she’s making her acting debut — but don’t karaoke with her, because she’s not going to let you win.

This isn’t just another fairy tale.

Pierce Brosnan (as King Rowan): “We shall hold a ball! You shall find a bride.”

In the new “Cinderella,” a modern musical version of the classic story, international superstar Camila Cabello…

Camila Cabello: “My intention was just to keep it real.”

Plays the orphan in her acting debut.

Camila Cabello: “She’s ambitious, and she is an independent thinker.”

Who has other goals, too, like running a business.

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella): “I’ll sew one of my signature dresses. Soon everyone will know my name.”

But, hey, she does think this prince is charming.

Nicholas Galitzine (as Prince Robert): “Hi, would you like to dance?”

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella): “Right now?!”

Even if he’s getting in her way.

Nicholas Galitzine (as Prince Robert): “I pick you to be my princess.”

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella): “But what about my work?”

And the king, played by debonaire Pierce Brosnan, doesn’t approve.

Alex Miranda: “If you could rule your own kingdom, what law would you put in place?

Pierce Brosnan: “Kindness would be the ultimate law of it all.”

Plans could also be ruined by her wretched stepmother.

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella): “I spent weeks making this dress. My future depends on it.

Played by the incomparable Idina Menzel — although this time, she’s not one-dimensional.

Idina Menzel: “You find out that she’s been hurt before, and her dreams have been squashed.”

And, about that incomparable part, Idina had a hater of her own.

Idina Menzel: “She always got the same parts as me.”

All the way from elementary to high school.

Idina Menzel: “Threw spitballs in my hair, put bubble gum under my car door handle.”

It’s a good thing Cinderelly has help from Fab G.

Camila Cabello (as Cinderella): “Oh, look at that. This is different.”

Billy Porter (as Fab G): “Oh, dang. You said you wanted to be a businesswoman.”

Played by the one and only Billy Porter.

Billy Porter: “Standing in the fullness of one’s authenticity, I need to make sure that whatever I do, I’m teaching the world how to do that.”

But do these super-singers karaoke with the rest of us?

Billy Porter: “Karaoke is for non-professional people to feel open and fun. The minute I get up to sing, everybody starts to feel unconscious.”

Camila, on the other hand…

Idina Menzel: “You take the mic anyway, even though you’re a pop star?”

Camila Cabello: “Yeah.”

Idina Menzel: “That’s so selfish of you.”

Camila Cabello: “I know. I will sing, and I will sing for real, and I will sing ‘Defying Gravity,’ I swear to God.”

And Idina…

Idina Menzel: “If I drink enough — oh, I don’t drink, I’m a Disney princess, I do not drink — once in a while, though, I do ‘Proud Mary.'”

Pierce Brosnan: “Karaoke song … ‘We Shall Overcome.'”

“Cinderella” begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video this Friday.

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