Winds of change

Winds have been blowing-in strongly from the ocean.   Areas closer to the coast have been getting the most gusty conditions, going back to Friday.   There is a change in sight, once winds subside (gradually) from Sunday night into Monday.   The current weather map shows exactly why south Florida has been dealing with the windy weather.    Strong high pressure is sitting over the northeastern states while a tropical wave, and lower pressures, extend south of  Cuba into the Caribbean.  These pressure differences, north and south of Florida, are keeping the wind speeds up.   As the pattern changes, we’ll focus on a new feature approaching from the north and west.    What’s not new?   Times of rain.   Recently, intense rain bands have been soaking many spots across the region.   Additional showers will crop up on Sunday and Monday but they won’t be as widespread.    It’s all part of a moisture increase ahead of a strong cold front now marching across the central states.    The front is expected to reach Florida on Tuesday with a threat for thunderstorms.    Once the boundary crosses, on Wednesday, we’ll get a rare feel of fall.   Temperatures will drop between 5 and 10 degrees…but it may seem more dramatic than that.   Much drier air will enter the area on Thursday with bright and beautiful skies.   The pleasant conditions with low humidity will only last until the end of the work week.  Still, it will be a welcomed change.