Week ends windy

Compared to earlier in the week, we’re seeing more clouds and feeling much warmer across south Florida.   Here’s a look along Biscayne Bay (from Thursday afternoon) before a large plume of additional clouds moved our way.

Temperatures are running warmer than usual, both during the day and (especially) at night.  Typical nighttime lows, by the way, would have us around 60-degrees.

As of late Thursday, we were seeing some activity on the radar.   Small rain bands were rotating toward the Middle and Upper Keys.  Additional showers are expected into Friday morning.

The current pattern features increasing winds as distant high pressure dominates Florida.   The east-to-southeast flow will strengthen on Friday as the high becomes stronger and shifts into the western Atlantic Ocean.

The weekend pattern includes more “windy and warm” weather.   Be ready to encounter some brief, possibly heavy downpours as they pivot across the Peninsula.

As for the long range outlook, things don’t change much.   As a front approaches Florida from the Gulf, it will bounce back as a warm front boundary.   Basically, we remain the same:  warm and a bit unsettled.   Wind speeds should begin to decrease into early next week, though.