Weather winners?

Our south Florida weather will be getting many rave reviews, it appears!  If you like mild temperatures with low humidity, you’re in luck. Also included over the next several days is plenty of dry time, with only a few “fair weather clouds”  hanging around.   Part of the reason why our conditions will be so quiet will be the persistence of high pressure.   Stable type air will be dominant through much of the forecast period.   The only time this should temporarily break is when a weak cold front spreads into south Florida on Thursday evening.   The boundary isn’t going to have much punch by the time it arrives into our state.   In fact, the cold front may simply become a wind shift change for us.  Yes, you’ll probably detect a reinforcing dose of fresh air and it’s a true taste of fall by the upcoming weekend!  Nighttime lows will feel cooler than we’ve felt in awhile and generally dipping into the middle 60’s.