We won’t get rid of the rain, but

The weekend began with a bang.   Numerous showers and storms dropped in, and many of them were “slow to go”.    The frequent clouds and unsettled conditions spanned over most of Florida (although it was noticeably drier in the Keys).   Tropical moisture was at the root of the issue.   A deep pool of moisture stretched south of an old front, located near Jacksonville in north Florida.   The boundary is in progress of falling apart, although that’s far from preventing us from seeing more wet weather.   As the front dissipates to our north, we’ll still have lingering instability on Sunday, across all of south Florida.   There’s also an area of low pressure drifting from the Bahamas toward the Straits and Cuba.   The low pressure center (an upper low) will keep the air unstable and send pockets of rain with storms, moving east to west.   By Monday and Tuesday, the disturbance should be far enough away to allow a bit of drying.   Basically, rain chances settle back to seasonal levels with the onshore pattern continuing.    The rest of the week looks like a battleground between another moisture surge (from the south) and the attempt at more drying from the Atlantic.   For now, it appears as though the wetter conditions will prevail.   Higher than average rain chances will return to the region with heavy downpours possible.   Of course, that will hold off some of the summer heat.  Temperatures will drop, briefly, with heavier bands of rain.