Waiting patiently

We’ve been stuck in a weather rut, so to speak.   Not only has it been such a  “windy and wet” stretch for us, it’s also been one of our most cloudy stints in months!   Deep cloud cover has persisted since last Monday (nearly a full week ago).   For us, the absence of sunshine for that length of time is really significant.   The reason for those stubborn clouds involves  the way winds are blowing… in addition to the moisture levels that have remained higher than normal.   Upper winds are arriving into Florida from the south and west, generally shooting across the southern Gulf region into south Florida.   Meanwhile, lower winds are coming from the opposite direction (north and east) off the Atlantic Ocean.  Since we’re getting clouds from either side of us, it seems never-ending to get a break!   While looking “gray and gloomy” it’s also remained a gusty pattern for us.   That’s due to being centered in between high pressure over the southeastern states and low pressure that’s to our south in the Caribbean.   Winds will continue to stir into the new week, but the overall intensity should come down in a few days.   As we look toward Halloween, there are signs we could see some gradual drying.   On Monday, moisture levels are likely to drop… and we’ll be limited to a few nuisance showers on the breeze.   Trick-or-treat conditions look mild and seasonal.  Temperatures on Monday evening will be in the pleasant middle 70’s, by the way.   Following the holiday and into November, additional drying is in the forecast with the potential for two weak fronts reaching south Florida.  The first of these cold fronts could arrive Thursday, with limited rain but increasing winds (again) behind the boundary.   Then, a secondary front is possible next weekend with some minor cooling!  Stay tuned.