Today in the Tropics

Today marks the start of 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season and your Storm Station is watching 2 areas.

Area #1 Disturbance has developed near the Yucatan Peninsula and Northwestern Caribbean Sea from the remnants of what once was Hurricane Agatha. NHC bumped chance to an 70% (high chance) to form into a tropical depression during the next 24 hours while it moves Northeast. A Recon mission is set to investigate this area on Thursday, if necessary.

The rains will spread and set to soak Western Cuba, South Florida and the Florida Keys by Friday and Saturday. Some models are forecast about 3-7 inches of rain between South Florida and the Northwestern Bahamas this weekend.

Area #2 A disturbance has flared up to the Northeast of the Central Bahamas. It is producing disorganized shower activity and NHC is giving it a low chance to form as it moves away from the United States.

Local Weather

Today and Thursday: More scattered non-tropical showers and storms possible.

Friday: Rain from disturbance/depression/storm begin to move into Florida.

Saturday: Tropical rains around, so the weekend is starting very soggy.

The threat for street flooding is increasing.

Conditions improve be Sunday with drier air moving in and temperatures heating up to near 90 degrees!

Stay tuned to your Storm Station for the latest!

Vivian Gonzalez

Meteorologist, AMS Certified

WSVN Channel 7

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