Tropical downpours

When you see the forecast for the week, you might make the assumption that it’s going to be a complete wash out.   Even though we’re expecting a fair amount of wet weather, there will be some nice breaks with drying (and even some sun, in between passing storms).   These drier times will tend to be more common during the morning hours.   Then, upon the afternoon, there’s a good chance for storms breaking out.   The unsettled pattern stems from lingering tropical moisture and sea breeze interactions.   Both “ingredients” are completely common for late September.   Many people have commented that it must be wetter than normal, for south Florida.   Actually, it’s not.   Upon checking, we’re actually running a small deficit of 3″ of rain… below average in Miami this month.   Some inland spots have been wetter, but overall it’s quite seasonal.   In the tropics, we’re currently without a named system!  The former Lisa and Karl moved into the northern Atlantic and lost their punch.   We’ll need to watch an area of low pressure, though, that’s currently crossing the central ocean waters.   There’s a high chance that it will form into a depression this week.   Then, if it strengthens to a storm, the next name on the list is Matthew.