Taking a turn

Our weather is taking a turn following a brief brush with cooler weather.   Monday morning began with the coldest temperatures of the season (so far).   Wake up readings were a full 10-degrees below normal and commonly in the 50’s.   Since then, we’ve been noticing a slow but steady recovery.  We’re no longer getting our air supply from the north… and that’s the main change.   As high pressure swings toward the eastern seaboard, winds will build back from the Atlantic waters as temperatures trend up.   The “back to normal” warmth will hold over the Thanksgiving holiday.  As winds tend to increase, we could see a few stray showers rolling off the ocean.  However, rain isn’t likely to be significant or widespread across Florida.  The national weather map will appear more active across the central states.   This will be closely monitored due to the busy travel time of the year.  Possible flight delays could extend across the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.   That’s where a mixed bag of rain, ice and snow could cause problems.   Elsewhere, both coasts of the United States look fairly quiet.   Outside of a few showers in the Pacific northwest, the holiday is shaping up nicely.   Our local weather will feel slightly warmer as the week progresses and even as a new cold front approaches.   Forecast maps show the front moving into south Florida this weekend (but it won’t be nearly as strong as its predecessor).   In fact, it could be such a weak front that you don’t even detect a difference in temperature once it passes!   Finally, there’s late season activity in the tropics and a new tropical system was named on Monday.  Tropical Storm Otto is in the far southern Caribbean. The storm is forecast to grow stronger and may become a hurricane this week.  Gradually, Otto will shift west and move into Central America with heavy rain potential.   Costa Rica may even get over a foot of rain over the higher terrain!