Swift moving rain bands

As the new week begins our south Florida weather is reverting back to a familiar pattern.   Winds are now coming from the ocean and it’s that onshore flow that will bring scattered bands of rain into the area.   While a “sudden shower” is possible at virtually any part of the day, coastal areas will tend to be wetter during the morning time frame.   Pockets of rain will be steering westward with the potential for growing storms  (mainly for interior and west coast spots) during the afternoon.   We’ll keep this connection with moisture off the ocean heading into Tuesday and Wednesday, as well.   Downpours aren’t likely to stall (like last week) but rather push along due to a healthy breeze from the Atlantic.   Of course, the ocean breeze is also beneficial because it helps curb the heat and summer humidity!   As we get deeper into the week, we’ll watch for another expected moisture surge.   It could come with a tropical wave that some of our long range models bring close to the Bahamas by Thursday and Friday.   The good news is that it’s not likely to get stronger or develop into a real tropical system.   It’s just a stretched-out disturbance (similar to a front) that brings deeper moisture in its path.  Should it hold, rain and storm chances will increase dramatically at the end of the work week and into the start of the holiday weekend.