Superb Sunday?

I’m going to do everything possible to avoid using “super” in this post.   It’s not that the word doesn’t jive with our weekend weather.   It’s simply that (the s-word) is going to be the most overused one, over the next 24 hours!   The big game will be played in Houston, as many of you know, and rain showers will be possible across that area.   While I won’t make any game predictions, I will predict that the unsettled Texas weather won’t be a factor for the big Bowl game.   How can I be so confident?   The stadium has a retractable roof, so the NFL will just need to make the decision whether to keep it opened or closed.   Meanwhile, in south Florida we’ll continue to enjoy both calm and comfortable weather.    High pressure to our north will be the primary player, for us!   It will provide us with plenty of time under clear to partly cloudy skies.   Also, rain prospects look quite slim through about Tuesday.   Once we jump into the middle of the week, we’ll need to focus on a few changes.    Initially, warmer air will build in tandem with more humidity.   Temperatures could even surge into the middle 80’s by Wednesday… if winds turn out of the south and southwest as expected.    Most extended forecast maps show a minor cold front drifting into Florida on Thursday.  With it may be our best chance for rain during the entire week (in the wake of the front or just ahead of it).   Then, upon the boundary crossing, drier air will return.   By the way, cooling looks limited.   We’re only forecasting about a 5 degree drop, so we’ll basically scale back toward the seasonal average for early February.