Sunshine challenged

Clouds have been stubborn lately across south Florida and the region.   On Monday they persisted much of the day although only a few favored locations actually received rain from them.   The wettest, by far, was the Lower and Middle Florida Keys.   Looking ahead,  brief rain showers will remain possible as we tap into some moisture off the ocean.   High pressure is at the heart of our weather pattern.   It’s anchored south of Bermuda in the western Atlantic (and likely to stay stationary into the middle of the week).    For us, that means a continued onshore flow with comfortable temperatures and a nice breeze.   Later in the week, the high should weaken further and ease southward.   Local winds, in turn, will probably start veering more out of the south by the upcoming weekend.   Expect a rise in temperature, into the middle 80’s with higher levels of humidity.   Early next week looks a bit more interesting, by the way.   Long range forecast maps show a cold front crossing the Gulf of Mexico and moving our way by late Sunday or Monday.   Rain and thunderstorm chances will likely increase ahead of the boundary… if the front holds together.  Right now, it’s too far off to say with any confidence (and fronts this time of the year can be especially weak, if not fickle).