Stormy stretch

Our stormy stretch continues in south Florida.   For the past week, tropical moisture has been stuck over the region.   We’ve “felt it” in the deeply humid air and we’ve also seen it in the persistent clouds.  June happens to be one of our wettest months (it ranks second to September) so these rainy days aren’t much of a surprise.  However, with so much trapped moisture over us, it keeps us with the high threat for daily storms.   On Saturday, most of the active weather happened during the afternoon hours… and that’s likely to be the case again on Sunday.   After that, though, there’s some reason for optimism.  First, a slice of “slightly drier air” should manage to move into the region.   Meanwhile, an old boundary (off the southeast coast of Florida) will ease away.  The early week forecast (both Monday and Tuesday) should lead to fewer showers and storms favoring inland locations.   The other bit of good news involves the calmer tropics.   After such an early start to the season, there’s no sign of anything taking shape over the next several days.6