Steady pattern

Compared to last week, this is one we’ll call “even keel” in south Florida!   The consistency in our upcoming weather will include an ongoing beach breeze and seasonal temperatures.   Broad high pressure is about to anchor itself off of the middle Atlantic states.   For us, the strengthening high will mean gusty winds from the ocean waters.   Additionally, we could see a few fly-by showers.   Moisture levels aren’t too impressive, but a bit of rain could track along the breeze.   With this pattern in place, there are now concerns over rip currents.    The danger is especially important to point out since we’re in the heart of spring break!   Ocean swimmers should only swim at guarded beaches, or avoid the threat and stay in the sand.   Also worth noting….  onshore winds will be noticeable along coastal locations, while the breeze will be lighter well inland.    Generally quiet weather will continue into Easter weekend with no fronts approaching our area.