Soggy in spots

It’s been a long wait for some needed rain in south Florida.   In fact, the vast majority of April (so far) was dry until Wednesday.   The wetter conditions arrived in batches.   At times, heavy downpours crossed Atlantic beaches and held together while heading west.    During the afternoon, then again on Wednesday evening, we watched episodes of rain persist all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.    This was especially welcomed over the Everglades where brush fire concerns elevated in recent weeks.    The reason for the rain involved a moisture surge from the Atlantic.   Just a day earlier, the impacts were over the northwestern Bahamas… so we anticipated the change was coming.   Looking into the late week time frame, rain chances trim back once again.   Moisture levels are decreasing so any showers will be limited, at best.   As we examine the upcoming air charts and check the satellite, it’s reasonable to forecast fewer clouds too.   Breezy sunshine will make a comeback, beginning Thursday.   Winds will now become the main weather story heading into Easter weekend.   This happens as distant high pressure builds down the entire eastern seaboard of the United States.   For us, we can expect gusty coastal conditions with seasonal temperatures as the holiday approaches.