Rain in reach

Several factors are coming together to bring rain into south Florida, although gradually.   Lately, it’s been very dry and quiet.   A healthy breeze has continued to blow from the ocean, although absent of moisture in its wake.   We’ll likely get through Monday without a noticeable change in this pattern, but after that “all bets are off”.  As high pressure weakens over the Atlantic, a big push of moist air will head our way.   Local winds will also begin veering more out of the south, so humidity readings will rise by Tuesday.  That’s also when we’ll begin a transition from steamy to stormy.   The reason?  At the same time tropical-type  air takes over, a weakening front will sag into Florida.  The presence and instability from the front will lead to higher rain chances and unsettled weather.    To add to the weather mix, the steering winds will also shift.   They’ll push shower activity toward Florida’s east coast, especially later in the day.   Beginning Wednesday, and lasting through the rest of the week, we’ll need to be on guard for gusty and scattered thunderstorms.   While timing can’t apply to all storms, it’s fair to say that we’ll be most prone to rain and developing storms during the afternoon and evening hours.   The weather pattern could stay very cloudy and damp, depending on the future of  the front.   Long range forecast maps show the boundary stalling out over south Florida late in the work week.   If that happens (which is very possible) it could have long lasting consequences into the holiday weekend leading up to Memorial Day.   Stay tuned and be prepared to adjust outdoor plans accordingly.