Mild for March

It’s a quiet start to spring and (for now) we have mild air in place.   Temperatures are actually running a few degrees below average and that’s most noticeable at night.   The weather map clearly shows why our region is so tranquil.   Both east and west of Florida there are centers of high pressure.   These form a nice “dome”  or bubble where there’s a real absence of cloud cover.   In fact, it’s dry and sinking air that’s with us now (while under the influence of high pressure).   Beyond Tuesday, the pattern will weaken.   That will mean extra clouds arriving with the return of some spotty-type rain showers.   Rain chances may get an added bump later in the week.  At that time, a weak front should be in the vicinity.    Regardless of the boundary crossing south Florida, temperatures aren’t likely to be impacted very much.   The bigger weather story will center around increasing, gusty winds… just before the weekend.