Late week changes

South Florida is transitioning into a wetter weather pattern.   When the week began, our area had a fair amount of dry air in place.   Now, as moisture levels creep up, more numerous showers and storms can be expected.   What may complicate your outdoor plans is also the approach of a low pressure disturbance.   Technically, it’s an upper low and it’s likely to move from the Bahamas toward south Florida in the days ahead.   It’s not at all a tropical-type system, just a pocket of unstable air that will increase the likelihood of downpours.   These will probably include thunderstorms especially Friday through the upcoming weekend.   For now, it appears the most active time frame will be from mid-day Friday through Saturday afternoon or night.   We’ll need to watch for heavy storms that could pack a punch with gusty winds.   There may also be some small hail within some of the worst storms.   Following the low (once it moves westward into the Gulf of Mexico) there will be plenty of steamy air.   Even as the new season of fall begins, in just a few days, it will continue feeling very much like summertime for south and central Florida.