Hottest, so far

On Saturday, both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale saw temperatures soar above 90 degrees.   Miami was hottest, hitting 93 degrees during the afternoon.  That also matched the record high for the date!   Easily, it was our hottest day of the year, so far!  The temperature surge is because of air arriving from the southwest, on the heels of a strong breeze.   This wind pattern (both speed and direction) will change very soon.   While it will remain steamy, it won’t be as hot as the 90’s!   As the weekend continues, the main weather story involves the approach of a Florida front.  It’s drifting toward our area albeit weaker than it once was.   The boundary should have enough remaining “punch” to spark instability showers and thunderstorms on Sunday.   Be prepared for downpours at virtually any time of the day… as the front will be hanging around.   By Monday, it’s expected to stall and then fizzle out, in the vicinity of the Florida Keys.   There will be some lingering moisture, along with steamy air, through the early part of the week.   Looking ahead, high pressure will take over.  Winds will shift off the Atlantic Ocean with a nice breeze by Wednesday.   Temperatures will stay warm, but closer to the seasonal average for the middle of May.